Marquette Mountain

Grampian page asking if he got info about tickets, etc. Steve Davis said that his grandfather, Tom Davis, was a part owner of Mt. Christie and, with his brother and sister, helped run the lodge. Paul replied to Steve Davis on the Mt. Christie page asking if he has any pictures. Shawnee Marie Bigelow commented about Mt. Maria that she lives on the south shore of Hubbard Lake and grew up skiing there. The trail names on the front were Mt. Maria, Chute, Baker, and Bunny. Her mom worked in the ski shop and Shawnee remembers the burgers, fries, and cocoa in the lodge.

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The kids rode snowmobiles to the area on snow days and had the best times ever! Jay Mowl remembers raising hell at Mott Mountain from until Earl sold out. He met some of his best friends there. Ty Patterson commented about Mott that he grew up there. Now, at 43, he lives in Colorado but he still feels 8 years old every time he gets on a lift. He remembers 2 runs: beginner and steep straight down with rope tows.

He became a good racer and later raced on the best equipment for the Air Force. Dave Norris says he sent Jason an email about getting pictures of Ward Hills. Anton Mal posted a link to the Caberfae expansion plans. Jane Richards says she would like to get some old pictures of Irish Hills for the new owners. He says he spends most of the winter skiing the trees with his dog, Buddy. He tele-skied until April this year.

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Sam Seven replied to Mikey on the Mt. Mancelona page that he got to ski in April this year after a big dump. They even had the T-bar running.

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  6. As any of you who follow our Facebook page know, there are big plans for Mt. Anton Mal posted a link to the Mt. Mancelona Microbrew Festival. Lisa posted on the Cole Creek page that when her dad was 14 or 15, he lived in Atlanta. His mom made matching jumpsuits for his band to audition at Cole Creek. The owner saw them and hired them because they looked so professional. They were the house band every weekend that season. Donald Ferguson says that his dad and he built his 1st Cub Scout derby car in the Kandahar maintenance building.

    He learned to ski around at Summit when Leo Doan owned it. He used to ski with John Callard whose dad was on the ski patrol. Don also replied to Tim Gaffney that he learned to ski at 5 years old at Summit. After that, he moved to Mt. He skied on wooden skis with cable bindings and lace boots. Carry Price grew up across the street from the red gate at Kandahar and could see the ski jump from her bedroom window.

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    Also rope swings, biking on the track, and climbing the jump and the pines at the top in the summer. Jean Carrigan Moreno used to take her friends sledding below the jump. C replied to Marcia Henghold on the Kandahar page that Mr. The Poma lift was a perfect way to learn to ski. Susan Knockerbocker Field replied to Heidi that they had so much fun there for so many years. Sam Seven commented on Maple Mountain in Munising that he heard a kid died on the rope around He met two people who said it was okay to be there. The road ends near the top of the lift.

    Kevin Scheid posed a comment about the closing of Pando Winter Sports Park by Cannonsburg, but I cannot approve it because it contains negative personal comments. Marybeth C. She said her brother posted old family movies on the Vanished Kalamazoo FB page. Their Granddad, Harold J. Moore, started Echo Valley by building a ski jump in He put in 4 toboggan runs.

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    The first ones were mud and wood, but they only lasted a year. The later ones were concrete. They added 2 runs in and 2 more in for a total of 8. They also added a skating rink. Grandpa came form England to the UP at the age of 6 and learned to ski jump. He later founded the Kalamazoo Ski Club. He stopped jumping at age Barb Kent posted about Snow Valley that she remembers the ski train. Maureen Christian wants to know the location of the old lodge at Snow Valley.

    Was it where the indoor pool is now or perhaps at the clubhouse for the Natural golf course? She asks if there were 20 runs at Snow Valley and if any of the fairways for the Natural follow them? She remembers her closing the slopes with her dogs following her down the hill. Bob Sisco sent pictures of Skyline to Carolyn and Erich. I can only say I was busy enjoying the ski season in Michigan and Vermont this winter.

    There have been 58 comments left on our website since my last post. Sam Metcalf commented on our Snow Valley page that his family skied there in the 50s and it was a great family resort because all the slopes met at the bottom of the hill, making it easy to get to one from another. The area had a metal toboggan run with a return tow. Doug Lippert thanked Sam for sharing the memories.

    We do, too, Doug. She has memories of learning to ski and use the rope tow and of the cosy lodge. She found pictures and learned that her memories were of Snow Valley. Gary Chomiak commented that in 59, his parents became part owners. He started skiing there and remembers the ski jump. He thought it was unique. Keith Pollock commented about Tyrollean Hills that he remembers it well and wishes he had pictures of it in its prime. He said it is a shame what it has become.

    Keith also would like permission to access the barn. GV said he stays in the old patrol building to hunt deer, but the old lodge is pretty vandalized. Zack Belwood is looking for pictures, old or current. Rebecca Jones said on our Kandahar page that her grandfather was a co-owner of Summit and one year her mom was named Miss Summit. In the 80s, they became members of Kandahar. Her family were members from the 60s until it closed. She remembers the rust stains in the drinking fountain, cubbies to keep your things in, and the warmth of the fireplace.

    Jeanette Owen remembers her father renting a little shack near the lodge with an outhouse not too far away, black salamanders in the summer. His dad had to give permission to the rope tow operator to let him ride at age 6. He learned to ski jump there from the Bendas and Mr.

    He took trips with them to compete at Cadillac, Munising, and Iron Mtn. Bruce Lawson said his family joined the KSC at the old location. He helped erect the Poma lift at the new location when he was a teen. Mark asked Rebecca Jones if she was the girlfriend of Leo Doan? His dad worked in Detroit and at Kandahar on weekends. His brother has a Summit Ski Lodge pin. Susan Knickerbocker Field left a couple stories about Kandahar. She replied to R. We loved watching you do flips and other stunts.

    She says her dad once insisted taking her mom skiing on Sweet Pea. Her mom was not much of a skier. He failed to tell her to let go of the Boomerang rope early. She crashed into the tow motor, took off her skis, walked back to the lodge, and never went skiing again. And Susan thinks her dad slept on the couch for a week or two. Bandoux commented about the Oxbow Club and Ski Area that he has friends who worked there, one as a caretaker and one as a tow rope operator. The caretaker used to have sledding parties but nobody ever made it to the bottom.

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    8. Bill Hickley commented that he used to walk up to Diggins Hill Park to use the two rope tows. He also used the skiting rink and remembers the small warming shack. Jozlyin Vallade wants to know is she can bring a tent and camp in the woods at Mio Mtn? They were all ski racers and often raced at Black Mtn. Susan Allen commented on our Sheridan Valley page that she learned to ski there in the 50s.

      Her family owned a lodge on West Twin Lake. Chris Dixon and Peter Morley commented to each other on the Skyline page that they remember each other from Tracy Lane commented to Paul on the Mt. Maria page that she learned to ski there when he was on ski patrol. Sportsmeister also ran rentals at LSC for the last few years.

      Eric Harder and Gregg Park also commented on the ski shops. Joe Kolakowski said that from Fonro he remembers Chris Emig. Joe says he owned the Knot Hole Bar in the 70s and 80s. Tom Suddon replied to her that Art was his grandfather and he would like to purchase the business card. Kari replied to Danny of that page to ask him is he was related to Glenn and Frank from Comins?

      Jay Balliet sent links to old Caberfae trail maps. Bonnie Werth Stirler commented on Caberfae that she skied there in when Franz Gabl was the ski pro there. She won lessons from him in a cribbage game. She remembers a private club there where they would have a few beers before they headed off to the bars in Cadillac. Mancelona page that there is a new owner as of last year who wants to re-open it in fall However, they have been having a lot of fun fundraising activities, so check the MILSAP Facebook feed to keep up on what is going on there.

      Christopher Van Eerden said that the hill at Middleville was used for mountain bike racing in the 90s. The clubhouse was renovated and they called it Retro Ranch. Alan Larsen said his brother and he attended the summer jumping event at the Munising Ski Jump in It was the first time he had heard of jumping on plastic—common now. Ed Grawronski commented on this jump that his father said it had been built by an Olympian.

      Derek Freund also commented on our Franklin Hill page that he remembers the ski jump from the 70s. It was on 9 Mile Rd. His Dad told him it was built before by Henry Hall. He sent a link to a picture of the jump from the J. Another link is to livingstonpost. David Arscott is looking for pictures of the Briar Hill ski jump in the early 50s. He said he broke his ankle on his third sump there. Craig Condon mentioned that he started snowboarding at Mt. He thought that was very early for a resort to allow it.

      Patrick M. He remembers one group, Popcorn Blizzard, who had an exceptional singer with a great range; he later recognized him as Meat Loaf. That would have been around the time Meat Loaf was recording for Motown. Ryan L. Ryan built an octagonal house there. We have had 25 comments arrive since our last summary at the end of October. He also commented to Ed Kovak on the Mt. Frederick page that he would like to see a higher-res photo of the brochure.

      Tom Ash commented on the Glacier Hills page that he is the eldest child of Everett and Wray Ash and has made a retro t-shirt of the brochure. He says mom and dad built the ski hill to keep the kids out of trouble. They also ran the skating rink in the summer. Snow lilsnowpeep commented on the Caberfae page that they have a brown Caberfae patch found among a box of old Girl Scout patches.

      Scott Altman replied to Dave that he has a Caberfae patch like the one shown for sale. Dave Lieberman replied to Scott Altman on our Ski Area Patches and Pins page that he would like a picture of the patch and wants to know the price. Robert Morris commented on the Pinckney State Recreation Area page that he lives on the trail just past Barton Road and looks forward to skiing it. He said the sledding hill to the east was good for about one walk up! Tim Carr reminded us that Apple Mountain will be closed for the current ski season due to snowmaking problems.

      Abi Salisbury commented on Barn Mountain that she remember it as a child. They lived on Park Street and went sledding there every winter. Dave Norris likes our website. He said he added us to the blogroll at the Big Bass Lake and Beyond site. Thanks, Dave. They still own the property.

      Sharpen those edges. Tom Fullerton sent a picture of his family in the parking lot at Big M in Unfortunately we were not able to access it using the gmail link he provided. Happy Halloween! Since the end of Summer, there have been 16 comments on our pages, but none about haunted ski areas or the Michigan Dogman. This is a very active group; you should check them out.

      James L. Teeple from Ohio, wondered about the origin of the name, Teeple Hill. She has sent memorabilia to the Northville Historical Society about the old ski slide. She also sent info to Brighton and plans to send some to Rochester and Farmington Hills about the ski slides that were constructed there. Please help her out.

      She was an assistant to assistant manager Jean Arthurs, who worked for manager Jerry Fairbanks. Mary loved the rustic feel of the place. Pat built the 10 and 20 meter jumps, the only certified jumps in lower Michigan at that time. The kids used to line up to use them. He said the XC trails were 2nd to none. Tammy Clark, housekeeper at TimberLee Hills, would like to see some pictures of the area and the upstairs of the lodge when there was skiing there. So would we. Tris Harkness replied to Mary on the Fonro page that she had been a patroller there.

      He said use declined as Caberfae made improvements. Karen commented on the Middleville Ski Resort page that her father was an owner of the resort. She said she would like to see an old ski patch. Chip Richards said on the Eskar Hills page that our link to google maps was not working. David Thomas Hart left a long post on the Mt. Brighton page about being a year-old Brit learning to ski at Mt. Great story. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into a ski vacation, and just trying to line up flight times with transfers can be irritating enough.

      They know the industry back to front and are often avid skiers themselves.

      Best Ski Resorts in Michigan

      The other great reason is by booking transport, accommodation, lift passes, and more, all at the same time, you can usually make some group savings. Travel agents make their money from applying a margin on their wholesale rates which they have access to as a business. Your savings come from the fact that travel agents would be happy to reduce their margins on the sale if you are willing to spend more by buying everything in a bundle.

      Ski travel specialists are also the first to hear about special ski deals which they can pass onto you and offer travel recommendations - for example, resorts often run sales throughout the season which they can pass onto you. Ski travel experts know the industry back to front and are often avid skiers themselves so will know to watch out for as they help you plan your vacation. Ski resorts tend to run major promotions twice a year. The first is in August to signal the start of the winter season and spruce up their presale numbers. This is the time to hunt for cheaper lodgings and discounted lift tickets.

      The second is in February near the tail end of the season. The Christmas and New Years holiday period is often the most expensive time of year to book, but the prices also spike around the school holidays. Different regions and resorts also have their own peak times. At Japanese ski resorts, the Chinese New Year can be one of the busiest and most expensive times to visit.

      Taking a ski vacation in Utah during January usually means paying peak season prices because of the Sundance Film Festival. Canada British Columbia Kelowna Alberta.