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The newest member of the IT Department, Jen Barber , is technologically-illiterate who lied her way into the position by claiming on her CV that she has had a lot of experience with computers, despite having to be told what a hard drive was. Her official title is Relationship Manager, yet her attempts at bridging the very wide gap between the technicians and the business generally have the opposite effect, landing Jen in situations just as ridiculous as those of her teammates.

Since Douglas's take over of the company, Reynholm Industries' profits have fallen considerably and only just managed to avoid going into debt in Over the show's history, nearly all characters have developed in some shape or form. Roy, once the socially-inept geek who rarely left the basement in Series One, is now portrayed in a more social light, and has had several girlfriends and seems much more socially able.

Even Moss has been seen venturing out, although this is small in comparison to Roy's character development. In August , having not had time to source the props himself, Linehan appealed to fans to donate items to use for Series Three, to make the set look like "a geek's Shangri-La". The Centre for Computing History lent a collection of computers from the s and s. As well as cultural references on the show itself, several parodies of video games featuring the characters from the show as players can be seen on the DVD menus for nearly all of The IT Crowd DVDs.

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Linehan did suggest that his former writing partner, Arthur Matthews, would help with the writing of Series Two, although this did not happen. However, Graham Linehan has expressed his interest in recruiting a team of writers for the writing of Series Five and has suggested this team may consist of Linehan's friends and colleagues Charlie Bergmann and Ali Carruthers, who co-wrote I'm Alan Partridge alongside Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci.

The show was also filmed in front of a live studio audience, which many people consider an old-fashioned concept. Graham Linehan did this deliberately, to challenge the idea that this way of making sitcoms was dead and that fly-on-the-wall or mockumentaries were more modern. Linehan has said that "I trust my instincts, so I'm going to do it my way and hope people come to me".

In all there have been four series of The IT Crowd , each containing six episodes each, giving a total of 24 episodes with at least one more series of six episodes commissioned for In , rumours surfaced suggesting that a Christmas special of The IT Crowd was to be filmed and ready for Christmas Chris O'Dowd , portrayer of Roy , confirmed that there were plans for a Christmas special and that filming would begin in Summer However, no special episodes appeared in the December schedules.

In a first for Channel 4, all episodes of the first series were available for download via the channel's website a week before the episodes' initial broadcasts. All episodes were encoded with DRM restrictions with the exception of the first two episodes.


All episodes are available on Channel 4's "4 on Demand" 4oD service available on Channel 4's website. The episodes of Series Four were available for viewing on 4oD a week before their TV broadcast, although this was only available to logged-in and registered viewers, unlike most of 4oD's post-broadcast output. The disc also includes a deleted scenes and outtakes extra, a mockumentary by Ken Korda played by comedian Adam Buxton and Graham Linehan's comedy horror short film, Hello Friend. Many of the disc menus parodied many 8-bit games.

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Entertainment retail chain HMV released an exclusive limited edition version featuring a set of four postcards in the style of popular viral photos such as Ceiling Cat , which was renamed in the boxset as Ceiling Goth. The main menu resembles Zero Wing , the episode menu resembles Mortal Kombat , the settings menu resembles Tetris and the extras menu resembles Lemmings.

A hidden competition was planted onto the DVD disc, with the prize being a Lamborghini laptop seen in the show. Several clues were hidden on the disc which eventually led to three JPG pictures of the main characters holding easter eggs and a text adventure game.

Contestants had to send a complete set of answers to an address which was hidden. The competition was so difficult that the closing date was extended until eventually a complete set of answers was sent in and the prize was won. Again, the DVD parodied various video games. A box set of all series was also released on the same date, as well as a limited edition box set in which all DVDs came in a box which resembled the internet seen in the episode The Speech.

Here's an album with the painting and the awkward boy-meets-idol photograph, with some bonus self-promotion.

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Pelagial has been easily my favorite album for years now, so it was one heck of an experience. The guys in The Ocean, if it needs to be said, are a fantastic, patient, and wild crew. That painting is fucking stunning.

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Well done dude, I'm really glad the guys liked it! It happens to be one of my favourite albums ever, and this artwork totally does it justice. This is pretty fucking sick, dude. You should sell your talents for album covers, I'm sure it would catch on! The local opener was pretty great and seemed interested in album art! I freaking love that album. Your work actually does the concept justice.

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Beautiful work, thank you for sharing. The band members should have been very proud to have inspired such amazing work. Secondly, thank you for making me listen to Pelagial again.

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  7. I'd almost forgotten how much I love the album. Oh yeah, it was my pleasure! Every song on that album has an incredibly memorable and unique hook. I reaaally tried to capture the emotions of that song and those lyrics in particular.

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    This band and album are amazing and it's a brilliant painting well done dude. Wait son of a bitch, they were in Seattle?! Fuck me how did I miss that! Yeah, it was poorly advertised. The local opener, A Flourishing Scourge, was incredible.